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Michelle B.

December 06, 2014


I called Sat am when they opened, their earliest availability was that afternoon.  Cary arrived 10 min early and got to work after we discussed if the door was best repaired or replaced.  There was no sales pitch to replace the door, in fact he said this is worth repairing. There was a lot of work to do, undoing some repairs done by the previous owner to shore up the heavy weight door.  The result was the original door working better than ever.  It now moves smoothly and soundly where before it sounded a bit like an old wooden roller coaster…..Cary adjusted and tested every part of the door system. He explained every part of the door to insure I understood each piece's importance.  He cleaned up, even took the scrap wood he removed from the door.  He worked diligently for several hours and the cost was exactly what he stated which we felt was extremely reasonable. If this door ever gives up the ghost, these are the guys we will call.  


Frances A.

 November 19, 2014

Cary fixed cable and reset torsion, adjusted v-track, and lubed and tested door and opener.  Garage door moves more smoothly and quietly than before.  I will call Independent Overhead Doors for any future repairs.


Cathy D.

 November 18, 2014


We are very pleased with the work that was done for a very fair price.  I will contact Doug in the future for any help we need with our garage door.

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