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Torsion spring and Extension springs are something every home owner will have to replace with time. When breakage occurs its also an indication that other parts of your door need inspection to  check for ware. We wont try to sell you something you don’t want but we make an effort to point out needs.

Torsion spring replacement will start at 160.00 parts and labor included. The pricing will depend on the number of springs you have and the specific springs needed to counter balance your  door.

Safety inspections are performed on each call!

Often times overhead doors that customers fear need replacement can be successfully repaired and restored to optimal working condition.  That said.  You can never go wrong simply going with a new door.

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Before Repair…..

After Repair…..

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Garage door repair bent panel

Does this look familiar?  Often times this is repairable Call us! We’ll get that door rolling.

High cycle Torsion Springs 

Torsion springs for standard single car doors start at 160$ installed.