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Michelle B.

December 06, 2014

I called Sat am when they opened, their earliest availability was that afternoon.  Cary arrived 10 min early and got to work after we discussed if the door was best repaired or replaced.  There was no sales pitch to replace the door, in fact he said this is worth repairing. There was a lot of work to do, undoing some repairs done by the previous owner to shore up the heavy weight door.  The result was the original door working better than ever.  It now moves smoothly and soundly where before it sounded a bit like an old wooden roller coaster. Additionally, I asked Cary what could be done to make some "homemade improvements" by the previous owner look better.  He removed the random wood pieces they inserted into the door to strengthen the middle with some angle iron and now it looks like a solid door rather than one which gave the false impression it was going to cave in.  Cary adjusted and tested every part of the door system. He explained every part of the door to insure I understood each piece's importance.  He cleaned up, even took the scrap wood he removed from the door.  He worked diligently for several hours and the cost was exactly what he stated which we felt was extremely reasonable. If this door ever gives up the ghost, these are the guys we will call.  

Frances A.

November 19, 2014

Cary fixed cable and reset torsion, adjusted v-track, and lubed and tested door and opener.  Garage door moves more smoothly and quietly than before.  I will call Independent Overhead Doors for any future repairs.

Pam K.

August 18, 2011


He was responsive and scheduled right away. He recommended items that were needed to improve the working of the door.  Also, I always appreciate when someone does not recommend extras that are not needed he only recommended ones that improved the quality of the service of the door.

Brian V.

January 23, 2015

Cary came out to fix my garage door, which had a broken torsion spring and one of the cables had come off the roller.  He arrived during the time window set up the day before with Doug.  He replaced my broken torsion spring with two new springs and performed a host of other repairs such as fixing the faulty wiring in one of my garage door senors (which kept the door from going down due to a bad connection), replacing a few missing screws in my opener (which made it a lot quieter) and inspected the rollers.  He did not try to push anything or make a sale pitch at all.  He gave me an honest assessment of what needed to be replaced and what could wait a few more years before replacement.  The price was exactly what he stated before he began the work and he was done in just a little over an hour.  If I ever run into any garage door issues again, I will definitely be giving them a call!.

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